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December 28th, 2015


Geeks OUT

Div Kuy & the Big Bucks Entertainment game show.

The LIGHTS OUT techno rock group.

Pleasant Nightmare Burlesque troupe.

See you at the Westin in Boston this weekend!


December 28th, 2015

We are now accepting applications for Events, Panels and Tastings.

Head on over to our Programming Application Page to read about the requirements and fill out the applications.

We've had our first price increase in 3-years this past week. The cost of entertainment, hotel, and the other things that make a convention work has gone up. We hope you'll continue to support Nauticon 5 at this new price.

At ARISIA this year come to our table in the FAN ALLEY (on the mezzanine level where Registration used to be) and purchase your Badge for NAUTICON 5. (Nauticon is not hosting a party this year but our partners in crime, BARFLEET, await your partying butts on Saturday evening.)


November 24th, 2015

Nauticon hotel rooms are available NOW!

Head on over to the REGISTRATION page, GET YOUR BADGE!!! and then book your HOTEL room!

Remember...Badge prices go UP! by $10 on December 26, 2015! So hustle your buns on over and GET YOUR BADGE NOW!

And don't forget! Nauticon badges make GREAT HOLIDAY GIFTS!

NAUTICON 2016 - Nauticon innnnnn Spaaaaace!!!!!

October 26th, 2015

Nauticon for 2016 will be May 20-22.
Ferry Riders will be better served. No birthing whales this year...we hope!

The Provincetown Inn will once again play host to our shenanigans and silliness! We are currently working with them on room rates, which will be available on their website in November.

Changes are afoot for the Artist Colony! Please see the Artists Colony page for more information.

Badges are on sale now! Prices may increase soon, depending on our Budget and Entertainment decisions this coming week. Now is the time to purchase at the low $65 per person rate!

Your badge includes Open Bar parties on Friday and Saturday, The Big Show and all the fun panels on Saturday, plus the Sunday short day of beach frolic and informative panels.

This is NAUTICON 5! Letís make it a GREAT one!


May 21, 2015

I'd like to thank all those who attended Nauticon 2015. It was lots of fun, and we hope to see you, and your friends, next May! Dates will be settled in August.

There were really great Entertainers for our attendees this year, so before I continue I'd like to extend my sincere and deep appreciation to Greg Wicker of Greggo's Gameshows, Jennifer Pelland, Ebro Helmy, the Plus2Comedy team, and the Shimmy Ninja(s).

And a special thanks to the hard work of the UBS Shameless, of Barfleet. This group added to the overall convention and particularly to our theme by hosting their own special brand of Olympics on the lawn and beach.

We had two special hosts for evening activities of karaoke and dance, and they gave freely of their time and talent to make a space for talented and untalented (me) alike to show their stuff. Thank you!

Throughout the days we had a lot of truly knowledgeable and entertaining folk fill out our panels and tastings. Their contributions to Nauticon are labors of love and dedication. Thank you all.

Sincere thanks to the creative geniuses who populate our Artist Colony. Having their wares adds to Nauticon in a way that makes it a very unique experience.

Finally, I'd like to thank the wonderful people who we call Crew. From the sound and lighting crew of Red-Van, to the lovely lady who keeps us fed; from the guy who makes sure all our panelists and entertainers know that they're due at their microphones and positions on time, to the incredibly awesome soul who keeps the tasting room clean and the shot glasses lined up. Nauticon cannot run without those behind the scenes hands and brains that make this fun and carefree for everyone.

See you all in May 2016. Keep an eye out for our announcements on this web page and our Facebook presence "Nauticons (the 21+ Convention)".

- Mary Dumas
AKA: Dirty Old Lady Con Chair 2015


Nauticon (The 21+ Convention) is a creative and fun way for fans of anime, science fiction, fantasy, comicbooks, and all things nerdy to get together and get to know one another.

The event is held annually when we rent the entire Provincetown Inn so that you and your friends are part of a truly private event. And did we mention the beach? You can watch the sun set over the water while playing Battleshots at the Barfleet party.

Nauticon has panels ranging from anime to science fiction and comicbooks to webcomics, discussions of Star Trek or Doctor Who, programs run by the Dirty Old Lady's League and the Miracle Providers Drag Queens, and everything in between. Activities include a hike out to the lighthouse, incredible shopping in Provincetown, a creativity table, karaoke, kite flying, fan-run parties, and the Artists Colony. All of this is part of your badge cost!

But wait, there's more! For a small fee you can join in on tastings of meads or Scotch, or food parings like bourbon and chocolate. Or go off to the Provincetown Center and take in a show or go to the tea dance!