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KhErete! Eis ygeian!

June 27, 2015 - Bettina


Nauticon sets sail once again on May 15-17, 2015, heading for the isles of toga-clad Grecian Gods, Goddesses, Trojans and Titans alike in the The AEGEAN SEA! (The Aegean Sea is between Greece and Turkey!)


Registration is OPEN, as Nauticon returns once again to the gallant halls of the Provincetown Inn in the seafaring town of Provincetown, MA!

So don your toga, grab your chalice of wine, bowl of fruits and sweet ambrosia(food of the Gods!), head on over to the REGISTRATION page and pre-register for what will continue to be our best Nauticon yet!


Nauticon is a creative and fun way for mature fans (21+) to get together and get to know one another. The event is held yearly in wonderful Provincetown, the Cape town that lends itself to discovery and self-discovery. We rent the entire Provincetown Inn for this convention, so that you and all your friends are part of a truly private event. And did we mention the beach? Yes, the convention hotel is on the bright sandy beach, facing the Bay area! You can watch the sun set over the water while holding a beer in one hand and playing with a boffer sword in the other!

Nauticon is not an Anime con, or a science fiction con, or even a relaxation event. It's more like a college weekend away with a lot of friends, new and old, and you don't have to go back to school on Monday.

Nauticon has panels ranging from Anime to Bronydom, programs run by the group Proper Porn for Distinguished Ladies©, science fiction, comic books, video gaming and everything in between. Activities include a hike out to the Lighthouse in the morning, incredible shopping, less than a mile away in Provincetown, a creativity table in the lounge, Kraken Karaoke, kite flying on the beach, open fan-run parties, and the Artists Colony where you'll never find anything made in China. We host special Events like concerts, drag shows and onstage body painting, in a personal and privately fun way, because our beautiful little theater has 300 seats, limited for just the right size for an audience. There are tastings for meads, whiskeys, and food pairings like bourbon and chocolate. In the past, we have hosted these Guests of Awesome (GoA): Voltaire in 2014 (a writer and singer of songs that nerds love), Chuck Huber our 2013 GoA (a voice actor and anime director and writer), Tom Wayland (the anime director and voice actor) and Jamie McGonnigal (a Broadway actor and LGBT activist). We think that they cover a whole bunch of stuff that nerds over 21 think is interesting.